About the Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs represents the Canadian Bahá'í community at a national level by participating in conferences and other public events, liaising with the press, engaging with provincial and federal governments, and maintaining a national presence of the Bahá'í Faith on the web. Our offices are in Toronto and Ottawa, and we work with collaborators and local representatives across the country to contribute to projects and processes that relate to Bahá'í principles and values.

About our office

Our participation in public discourse is non-partisan, and we promote dialogue and conversation related to several areas of focus. We work alongside like-minded individuals and organizations to promote a national public discourse that can bring people together to work for the betterment of society. Our contributions are informed by the principles and values of the Bahá'í Faith and the experience of the Bahá'í community.


The Office of Public Affairs includes a number of core staff in Toronto and Ottawa, who work with a network of collaborators and local representatives across the country.

  • Dr. Geoffrey Cameron

    Dr. Geoffrey Cameron

    Director — Toronto Office

    Geoffrey Cameron is the Director of the Office of Public Affairs. He has previously worked as a senior policy advisor at Global Affairs Canada, and as a researcher with the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. Geoffrey has taught undergraduate students at McMaster University, University of Toronto, and St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. His education includes a Ph.D from the University of Toronto, an M.Phil. from the University of Oxford, and a B.A. from Trent University.
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  • Ms. Corinne Box

    Ms. Corinne Box

    Director of Government Relations — Ottawa Office

    Based in Ottawa, Corinne represents the Bahá'í Community of Canada to the Government of Canada, parliamentarians and civil society organizations based in the capital. Her work focuses primarily on calling attention to the plight of Bahá’ís in other countries who are experiencing state-sponsored religious persecution. Corinne is also active in supporting the advancement of a number of national discourses on themes that include the role of religion in society, citizenship and pluralism, and reconciliation. A finance and marketing graduate of McGill University, she has held various management positions in operations and commercial lending for one of Canada’s largest banks.
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  • Ms. Laura Friedmann

    Ms. Laura Friedmann

    Media Officer — Toronto Office

    Laura Friedmann is a Colombian-born, Toronto-based filmmaker and media professional passionate about championing diverse content and using film as a tool for education and social justice. Having earned her Honours BFA in media and film studies at York University and a BEd at the University of Toronto, her work has been featured commercially, in independent film projects and social impact initiatives around the world. In her role as Media Officer, she focuses on generating media content exploring various national discourses.
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