Podcast: The Public Discourse

On this podcast, we talk to people across Canada about the values and principles that inform the way they are thinking about society, and how we can create a better public discourse. Staff of the Office of Public Affairs bring together guests who are contributing to the national conversation, and explore with them how insights from religion, science, and practice can help to foster new approaches to challenges facing Canadian society.



Season 3: “A Vision of Oneness”

This mini-series of The Public Discourse examines ideas of dialogue, equality and justice inspired by the life and teachings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, whose passing 100 years ago is commemorated this year. We will discuss some of these themes and how they relate to the needs of contemporary society.

Season 2: “Rebuilding Together”

This mini-series of The Public Discourse explores how we will work together to rebuild society, after the coronavirus pandemic. We will talk about the core values that guide our thinking, social issues that need new attention, and how we can create a society that reflects our highest aspirations.

Season 1: “Resilience in the face of adversity”

In this podcast mini-series, we talk about how the coronavirus health crisis reveals insights about the values that bind us together.